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Pest Control in Torrance, California

At Year Around Termite & Pest Control in Torrance, California, we are pleased to offer you quality pest control services. This includes general pest control, as well as pest services specifically designed to remedy rodent problems.

General Pest Control

Our general pest service starts with exterior treatments for your yard and around your home's foundation. For this, we will treat your perimeter for pests including ants, fleas, spiders, and roaches. You will not need to vacate your home for this treatment; however, if an interior treatment is needed for general pest control, you and your pets will need to vacate your home for at least 4 hours.

To keep up with the constant advancement of pests, we have regular services available. These include monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly treatments. If you choose one of these methods, we will schedule your appointment time and leave an appointment card so that you can mark your calendars.


Rodent Elimination and Proofing

Keep rodents away with our reliable rodent elimination and rodent proofing services. For this, we will inspect your home screening and crawl space covers. We will also re-screen your vents and other necessary areas to proof your home against these animals.

If there are rodents present, we will trap whatever may be inside. After this, we will monitor traps for 2 months. For this service, we utilize bait boxes. To keep rodents away, we will place you on a monthly service where we put bait in the boxes to trap the rodents.
Contact us in Torrance, California, and depend on our pest control service to keep rodents away from your home.
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